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After the long taash nights and cocktail parties along with 5 days of back-to-back functions and rituals, your body needs a break. Giving back to your body is easy, and here’s a Hangover recovery DETOX routine especially curate for all of you this festive season.

#1 Get into the spa room for a back and shoulder massage.


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If you sat through the get-togethers and those never-ending nostalgic conversations with your cousins you know your back needs some pampering. Relax, as the aromatherapy oils release your back and shoulder pain to get you up and about in no time!

#2 Get your glam face on!


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Long nights equal puffy under eyes & too much makeup equals giant zits. Looking picture perfect for all the selfies was essential; but it’s time to hydrate and nourish your skin for it to look plum and supple again with our Vitamin E facial.

#3 Get that smooth hair going.

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With all the heat and styles for your perfect desi look, your hair can get damaged. It is super essential to oil them or give your hair a mask nourishment to regain that shine by sitting down for a long awaited head massage and Morrocon Oil hair spa treatment for your lovely long hair.

#4 End it with a spa pedicure.


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Walking in heels all day can cause sore ankles. Our Spa pedicure treatment takes tour feet through a scrub, scrape and a mask! Here’s to shamelessly walking barefoot! Plus take off all the stress of reapplying nail paints for the next few weeks with our damage free gel polish and walk out that door care free!


To have a hassle free prep during the Holiday Season, drop by FLEUR DE LIS Unisex Salon and Spa, Worli.

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